Swarland Fence Title



These are steel containers, with wooden floors, air vents and lever operated sealing doors. They are clean, and totally weatherproof. Being indoors, there is no condensation and temperature remains very constant.

The units themselves are extremely secure. They have unique high security multi-locks, with two keys, one of which is retained by S.F.S. in a secure place.

The site is adjacent to the farmhouse, which is rarely unoccupied.


Large Container
150 square feet
1150 cubic feet
Internal dimensions - 19'4"x7'9"x7'9"
Double Door - size 7'8"wide, 7'6"high

Small Container
75 square feet
575 cubic feet
Internal dimensions - 9'8"x7'9"x7'9"
Single Door - size 4'wide, 7'6"high

All sizes are approximate.

Our 150 sq ft storage units will hold the contents of an average three-bedroom house or over 400 standard archive boxes.